Friday, July 4, 2014

Throw Open the Doors

Photo from Pixabay

After long winters in Ohio, we loved it when spring finally came around. Mama would throw open every window and door and exclaim, "Let's get some of this stink blown off." Fresh breezes would blow through the house as we gave the house a thorough cleanin' with Lysol and elbow grease.

Sometimes we have to do the same thing with our minds. We keep negative toughts shut up inside us for so long that our outlook begins to stink to high heaven! Old patterns of thinking, ancient hurts that still sting, and unconfessed sins make for a really murky spirit.

Let's do what Mama did - let's throw open the heavy, old creaky door of our minds & hearts and invite the King of glory may come in and sweep clean the cobwebs of the past and fill us with light and life and love.

How about it? Are you ready to throw open the doors and get some of the stink blown off?

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