Monday, August 11, 2014

Joyful - Patient - Faithful

Artwork used by permission from Jen at BettyandMaude

Joyful - Patient - Faithful...

three wonderful words. Words that we want to describe us, but when I look at what's between those words-at WHEN we are supposed to be joyful, patient and faithful, my face gets a little red.

I'm supposed to be joyful in hope. When I think about what it means to be "in hope," I realize that the only time we are in hope is when we don't have something we long for...when we're hoping that we get it or that our circumstances will change.  It's hard to be joyful when we are longing for things to be made right.

Likewise, being patient in affliction (pain & suffering).  What? I'm supposed to be patient when I'm in pain? When I'm suffering? Patient?  I just want it over as soon as possible!

And finally, faithful in prayer.  I pray. A lot. But my prayers do tend to slack off when everything is going well or when I've prayed about something several times and not received an answer yet.

Looks like the Lord and I have some more work to do on me!

It's a really good thing that HE is 
Joyful, Patient & Faithful!


  1. I feel the same way, Jan! We're all a work in progress. Funny, I JUST came across this little fact a few days ago, and I think it's sweet and just lovely. Written on Ruth Bell Graham's headstone are these words:

    'End of construction. Thank you for your patience.'

    Isn't that beautiful?

  2. I love it! I'm really glad I don't have to do all this construction on my own, but just yield to the Father as He shapes me into the image of His Son! I always thought I would want "See, I told you I was sick." on my headstone, but Ruth's sounds much nicer. :)



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