I have this chair in the corner of my bedroom. Next to it is a stand that holds several devotional books and my worn out Bible. There is nothing I love more than starting each morning curled up in that chair with a steaming cuppa hot coffee, some soft worship music and the Word of God.

A little time spent in the presence of Jesus, praying, praising, pondering His word and I’m good to go. Ready to face whatever the day might throw at me. Refreshed, strengthened, confident that no matter what happens, He will see me through it. I expect great things, open doors, opportunities to serve others and share the love of Christ with those around me. He never disappoints.

This blog – A Cuppa Devotion – is designed to encourage you to spend a little Quiet Time with Jesus. It will be filled with short devotionals that will
hopefullyprayerfully bless your heart and draw you closer to God. Please feel free to comment. I love to interact with my readers.
God Bless You,



Jan Christiansen

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