Friday, August 8, 2014

Trusting God in the Midst of the Pain

Artwork used by permission from Karla Dornacher
"She blossomed, not despite her pain, but because she chose to trust God in the midst of it." So often all we want is for God to deliver us out of our struggle and make the pain go away but, more often than not, God wants us to trust Him enough to let Him raise us up and cause us to grow... and even blossom... in the midst of our most painful circumstances.
by Karla Dornacher

You can visit Karla on her website or connect with her on her blog.

*Note from Jan - I love Karla's work. It's bright and beautiful and glorifies the Lord. I saw this piece and knew I wanted to feature it on my blog. Karla has given me permission to do so. I usually write a devotional based on the artwork I feature, but what Karla wrote about this piece was so perfect, I just had to use it instead.


  1. I LOVE the artwork and the devotional content, too. Just what I need to hear tonight.



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